What is Counseling Services?

It’s simple – as you are visiting ophthalmologist for your eye repair, Ortho for your fractured bone.. Here we are to help you to treat you – on Infertility.

We believe that the way to great work – is to love what you do – we love what we do.  Because we want everyone to have life’s most precious gift.

We provide Counselling support and advice when you really need maximum as you are going for IVF.  IVF procedure can be challenging which provoke feelings of couples (who opt for IVF), emotionally, socially, psychologically, and piously. Infertility counselling boosts patients to have knowledge about infertility and the treatment strategy. It gives them a clear picture of their obstruction towards conceiving and help them to make their own decision as well adapt their mind-sets accordingly. It is a highly advised pace in the process of IVF Treatment.

Here at Dr.Nayak’s Fertillity Clinic, our well trained counsellor will work with the medical team to strengthen you throughout your journey of treatment cycle.

Unproductiveness (Childlessness) can have substantial consequences and adverse influence on married life of a couple, hopes of parents of the couples and other family members, hurt of self-esteem (especially for the female), superstitious beliefs and criticism. Retreating and forgoing the opportunity of fertility treatments are biased by a heaps of reasons, critical ones are – lack of education and knowledge, social stigma allied with fertility and infertility treatment, confidence-building of women on decision making, spiritual code of belief and monetary glitches.

In India such problems are not discussed openly.  Infertility counselling in India seems to be meagre as of now and that needs to be strengthened gradually.



According to the statistics, more than 2.7 million folks are infertile in India and that is a precarious count. In view of the scenario it is imperative to convene understanding and knowledge on this subject. Thus far, the biological phases are deemed in these crises of barrenness. Unless we challenge the psychosocial facets of uncontrolled childlessness, It’s not possible be to provide positive solutions to the patient to regain his potentiality in this matter.  It is essential to bump into interactive diplomacies and accomplish an efficacious remedy for the patient.

There should be a duty-bound proper division to poise between the biotechnical section of the infertility restoration and the infertility problem. Most of the time Patients are unacknowledged and ignored. They are uncomfortable and ashamed to share this problem to their closed ones and averse to visit the medics. Most of them feel tense to visit therapist thinking that they are neurotic or mentally ill. Such cases – who refuse to accept that medical guidance and specialised psychological consultancy is necessary.

Your counselling session could focus on issues such as:

  • Finding the Cause and Preparing for fertility treatment, and making decisions.
  • Impact on marital relationships and facing the society.
  • Handling with ineffective treatment cycles and/or pregnancy abortive
  • Positive emotional behaviour towards pregnancies, births and children around family and friends circle.
  • Interaction and discussing about immediate family, friends and colleagues behaviour or reaction.
  • Encouraging to share personal feelings.

Patients advised to attend IVF Counselling – written off as:

To know about what they are going into and to understand and handle with the consequences and upshot of the treatment.

The patients must prepared to accept the positivity and negativity of the treatment outcome. No doctors assure you cent percent hopes. There is no guarantee every treatment is to be fruitful. Hence, counselling is essential to make patients all set for after-effect or unsuccessful trials. Such debacles may upset the couples affecting bleakness, frustration, incompetence, distress and depression. Counselling can help patients to overcome with the reality and make them to prepare for all the consequences bound to the treatment cycle and take the decision.

On successful treatment, also counselling benefits them to be familiar with the responsibility of parents and deal with new chores of parenthood.

Counselling guides patients to consider additional options like adoption, surrogacy, or sperm donation- this happens in extreme cases only.

We at Dr.Nayak’s Fertility Clinic considers to narrate such a topic to patients is highly important so that it is to be properly elaborated and explained to them. Infertility consultation itself can be very delicate and sensitive issue to tap and involve many biotechnical principles and accomplishments to be met as an end result.  Thus far our treatment triumphed 90% success rate to assure you to reach us to full fill your dream.